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15th April 2006, 11:13 AM
I have spent weeks in getting the HP1020 to work on Fedora Core 5. I finally managed to get it up and running. Here is how I managed this. I cannot guarantee that it will work on your computer, but it should.

Make sure that you have the compiling libraries installed on your system, otherwise it won't work.

Turn the printer on. Go to http://foo2zjs.rkkda.com/ and download the foo2zjs package. Extract the file. Open a terminal and go to the directory of the foo2zjs package (e.g. „cd /Desktop/foo2zjs"). Run

now change to root with „su“ and enter the root password. Launch

make install
make install-hotplug
make install-udev
make cups
Turn the printer off. Turn it on again. The firmware should be uploaded for the first time. Turn it off again.
Don't print now anything as the printer! It will stall with an „drivers/usb/class/usblp.c: usblp0: failed reading printer status“ message.
Now disable hpoj:

/sbin/chkconfig hpoj off
/sbin/service hpoj stop
Install HPLIP & HPIJS drivers:

yum install hplip hpijs
Now activate on boot:

/sbin/chkconfig hplip on
/sbin/service hplip start
Plug in the printer again and turn it on
Restart CUPS & HPLIP:

/etc/init.d/cups restart
/etc/init.d/cups-config-daemon restart
Unplug your printer (but leave it turned on) and launch

/etc/init.d/hplip restart
Plug it back in and configure your printer:

Now select "New"
Fill in the fields, choose your settings as you like except when it comes to connection type, select the
Finish the install-procedure and to back to the terminal. Go to the foo2zjs directory and launch again as root

make install
If all is done correctly, you have now sucessfully added the printer and it should print correctly. The last relaunch of „make install“ is necessary, otherwise the printer will print only blank pages.

Note: If you get messages like „Starting hpssd: can't lock /var/run/hpssd.pid, running daemon's pid may be 4213“, simply ignore those messages.

Good luck everyone. :)

Credit for this Howto goes to Firewing1, Rick Richardson and ... myself. :rolleyes:

16th July 2007, 05:43 PM
Thanks! I'm on FC6 and I just followed the instructions on the foo2zjs website and it worked fine.